About Idunn and health

We decided to name our company after the Old Norse goddess Idunn. Why her? Idunn was the guardian of a sacred apple orchard in which one could find the apples of immortality. Eating these apples would rejuvenate the gods and provide them with eternal life. As Iddun once offered these apples to the gods, we now offer you therapeutic sojourns in spas that will replenish your energy and vitality. Pick the apple of your choice, and come and see for yourself the rejuvenating power of nature!


"One of the Æsir is called Bragi. (…) His wife is Idunn. In a chest she keeps the apples that the Gods are supposed to eat when they are growing old. Then they become young again."

(Snorris Edda, Gylfaginning xxvi)                                                                                                                 


Most nations have some sort of a saying about health. And that is not surprising. However, it seems that the modern age ignores all of the old sayings. Today‘s lifestyle choices were eloquently summarised by Robert Lembke who said: „We first use up our health to get money; then we use the money to get our health back.“

Healing springs

With the stress we encounter at work, typical of the modern life, it is important not to ignore our body when it’s trying to tell us that it’s time to slow down.

Did you know that if you work more than 55 hours per week, you are increasing the likelihood of developing coronary diseases and the chance of suffering a heart attack by 33%? (statistic based on a University College London study, published in Lancet)

A lot of studies have also confirmed that long term stress weakens one’s immune system. If you are stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released into your body. If it keeps being overproduced over a long period of time it leads to the suppression of the immune system and inflammatory processes are exacerbated in your body.

A spa sojourn combines the pleasant with the helpful. Let yourself be spoiled and immerse yourself in the intense sensation of the connection between nature, beauty, culture and free time.

Get to know methods that were discovered and used by our ancestors, that have helped many generations keep their health and revive their lost strength. Let nature- in the form of mineral baths, drinking cures, inhalations, peat packs and other classic procedures- heal you.

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