Gift certificate

Give a gift that will bring both happiness and healthiness.

Lately, untraditional gift vouchers for experiences that combine travel, discovery and an investment into one’s physical and mental wellbeing have become ever more popular.

Consider our Idunn’s Pearl, Gold or Silver packages as a treat for your nearest and dearest.

To give could not be simpler: you choose the voucher and provide us with the name of the recipient and, if you wish, your name and a personalised message. We will email the voucher to you as soon as the purchase is complete.

After receiving the voucher, your loved one may choose the date of their sojourn either through our website or through their selected spa resort.

If they should decide to choose dates outside of the main season, they can then use their excess credit according to their wishes. They can order supplementary spa treatments, decide to go on one of the many trips in the vicinity of the spa (organised by the spa resort), or even use it as a voucher in the spa resort restaurant.


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