General Information

Doctors in spa resorts

The spas offered to you are therapeutic spas; all the procedures and treatment are run under the supervision of doctors and onsite medical staff.

Therapeutic spas have a 24 hour on call medical service available for their clients. It is free and you can have an appointment if ever a health concern arises during your sojourn in the spa.

Don’t forget to bring any medication you regularly take.

Medical record and initial doctor’s check up

If you are coming for a curative stay don’t forget to bring your pertinent medical records.

Patients with a complicated diagnosis must send their medical record to the spa prior to finalising booking the sojourn.

If you are coming for a preventive stay bring relevant medical record if you are being currently treated for something.

Upon arrival, you will undergo an initial medical check-up which may slightly change your suggested treatment and the combination of different procedures in your package. (only long term stays)

Additional procedures can be ordered independently (after a doctor’s consultation). You can also order extra wellness services.

Before leaving the spa you will undergo a final check-up to compare the initial and final results. (only long term stays)

Confirmation for your insurance company

If the clients‘ treatment in the spas is being contributed to by health insurance or an employer, the spas can (upon asking) issue a confirmation about the undertaken procedures, including their prices.

Dietary food

The spa resorts offer all types of diets including a reduction one.

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