Mariánské Lázně

Mariánské Lázně – beautiful architecture, healing springs and the singing fountain

Mariánské Lázně is a spa town situated in the west of Bohemia. It is known not only for its beautiful architecture, but also for one of the most breathtaking colonnades. It is in the midst of a park, surrounded by fountains and curative mineral springs. The spa town was founded by the Premonstratensians from the Teplá Abbey who, around the year 1800, found water with healing powers at the very place the town stands today. The town was predominantly designed following the Empire style, and was gradually rebuilt in the style of contemporary romanticism. However, the Neo-Baroque colonnade and a large part of the spa’s historic centre remain unchanged. 

Unique curative springs and peat packs

Each one of the 100 cold springs has a unique chemical composition that helps you heal, relieving various ailments and illnesses. The springs are used both as a part of a therapeutic drinking regime and for restorative mineral bathing. The warm mineral water used in the baths, rich in carbon dioxide, improves blood flow and helps to alleviate high blood pressure.

The following springs, uniquely suited for particular conditions, may be used during a therapeutic drinking regime: Ambrose’s spring for anaemia, Caroline’s and Rudolf’s springs for diseases of kidneys and the urinary tract, Ferdinand’s and Cross springs containing Glauber’s salt for the digestive system and metabolic disorders, Forest spring for illnesses affecting the respiratory tract.

The peat packs, applied at a warm 40°C, are used on specific body parts for the treatment of the muscular system.

The singing fountain and cultural events in Mariánské Lázně

The singing fountain is the dominant feature of the spa colonnade. Every odd hour there is a brief performance where the water in the fountain sprays in the rhythm of the music of famous composers. After night falls the concert is accompanied by a light show, illuminating the waters in all the colours of the rainbow. The fountain is in operation from May to November every year. If you stay a while by the fountain and let your imagination wander, you may think you could almost hear the laughter of Ulrika von Lewetzov walking arm in arm with J.W. Goethe, or the voice of the famous Czech soprano Emma Destinn. You might even see some of the famous visitors of Mariánské Lázně, such as the king of the United Kingdom Edward VII., Franz Joseph I., Thomas Edison, Mark Twain or Frédéric Chopin.The singing founatin

The cultural events in Mariánské Lázně complement your spa treatment, be it classical music concerts, exhibitions or Christmas markets, which take place every year in December on the famous colonnade. One of the most significant musical events in Mariánské Lázně is the Chopin festival every August. The Chopin festival carries the distinction of being among the five oldest European music festivals. It includes a number of smaller classical music concerts and performances by famous Czech and international musicians and singers taking place in a variety of significant locations all over Mariánské Lázně and its surroundings.

The Royal golf course

Another rarity of Mariánské Lázně is a very special golf course. The Royal Golf Club’s significance lies in the fact that King Edward VII himself founded it in 1905. It is one of only four golf clubs outside of the Commonwealth that have been granted the use of the word ‘Royal’ in their name by the British Royal Family.

Points of interest in the vicinity

There are also a lot of natural and historical points of interest around Mariánské Lázně that should not be missed: the Romanesque-Gothic Teplá Abbey, Soos National Nature Reserve, Smraďoch Peatland Nature Reserve (here you can find the so-called ‘Mofette‘, which resemble small mud volcanos), Slavkovský Forest Landscape park (a protected area) with a lake and a hunting lodge Kladská in its midst, chateau Kynžvart, Loket castle and the brewery Chodová Planá.


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