There is an English saying that says: "If you haven’t got your health you haven’t got anything." But unfortunately we often only realise that when we are ill. Would it not then be better to do something for your health every now and then to avoid more serious illnesses?

Spas are not only for the ill, but also for those who wish to strengthen their health and immune system and for those who want to take a break from the daily grind. Or even those who just want to be spoiled for a little while…

Preventive care

It is a good thing to take care of oneself even if we are not in an immediate state of illness. This is even more true if the body starts to give warning signals – insomnia, backaches, heartburn and indigestion, frequent fatigue, disinterest in the things that used to be so enjoyable…

Strolls in fresh air, enough physical activity, keeping hydrated, exercise and massages make every human being stronger and fresh, and refill us with new energy. Physical health is also connected to mental health. A stay in a spa coupled with a cultural and sportive programme brings both physical and mental regeneration.Swimming pool

The preventive package is composed of the most successful and popular procedures experienced by many generations. For example mineral baths, drinking cures, peat packs and dry gas baths.

Preventive treatment is offered not only for adults, but also for children (aged 4-12). Older children profit from the same programmes as adults.

A healthy diet is important

The food in the spas consists of Czech and international cuisine. A wide selection of different diet plans revised by nutritional therapists is available for all the patients whose illness requires a special diet.

Even patients who do not have any illness related food restrictions can consult a doctor or a nutritional therapist and decide to try a specific diet.

Those who want to combine their stay in a spa with adjusting their body weight can undergo a reduction diet under the advice of a nutritional therapist.

Additional Services: Wellness, cultural and sportive activities

Upon a doctor’s consultation you can broaden your programme to involve your favourite wellness procedures. Unique spa treatment procedures are complemented by massages, rehabilitations following mobility impairments, electrotherapy, and modern methods such as cryosaunas, oxygen therapy, Shiatsu massages, and acupuncture. Overall more than a hundred different procedures and treatments are offered.

Relaxation in spas can also be enriched by a wide range of cultural and sportive events, or through trips to naturally or historically interesting places in the spa town and its vicinity.










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